Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ask the ETC 1: How to root and prepare bamboo for food.

We've started a brand new segment here on Terra Firma: Ask the ETC. We've been getting some questions through our various online homes, such as ETC Voices and youtube, and have decided to answer some of them right here!

Our very first episode is about one of our favorite plants here at the ETC: bamboo. Queen Goddess Uokes asked us on our facebook fan page:
How to root bamboo? Where to cut it? Eye was just looking at some large pieces eye just gathered and noticed the small shoots on the side. Is this a good place to take a clipping. HELP PLEASE.
I sat down with Cliff and he explained about the different types of bamboo, how best to root it, and how to enjoy the young shoots as food. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to Episode One of Ask The ETC.

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