Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hohenwald Design

We are starting our Ecovillage Design Course, a 10 day residential intensive course that gives individuals and communities the tools to start an ecovillage, and design it from the ground up, or retrofit an existing community. First we are focusing on mapping community structures and creating agreements to empower a group of people to become a community as taught by author and educator Diana Lief Christain. Then we will be desinging a vision for a beautiful post petroluim version of our local county seat, Hohenwald, TN. Greg Ramsey, a renowned archetect will be leading us through the process of design. We are weaving the archetectural elements and human elements of a succesful ecovillage design together with the ethics and principles of Permaculture and applying them to the design of Hohenwald.
Hohenwald is getting a lot of postive attention...Sometimes I blink and wonder if this is allreally happening to this small southern town in the poorest county in Tennessee. In addition to the Ecovillage Design Course, our partner and ally in regenerative designa nd education, The Center For Holistic Ecology (CHE), has been running a local sustainable development program through a USDA grant, and we are collaborating with CHE, Solari and Gaia University, to run a cutting edge Financial Permaculture Workshop. This workshop is going to provide the tools needed to actualize the designs and visions of a sustainable Hohenwald. Who knows, maybe some of the designs we draw up over the next two weeks will come true!

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  1. Greg I have talked to Thomas, I have a number for you now. What I fail to understand is why am I just now seeing these blogs and not before. Anyway we talked for a bit there at Hohenwald < thats spelled correct by the way. Anyway Greg I have a large greenhouse project going on and its absolutely amazing and its all unfolding like a river flowing. God Bless you in anything that you try I know that you will successful. If you ever get back to Alaska say hello to Sarah Palin for me, sorry that was a bad joke.
    Anyway it was good hanging out after helping brother Thomas that one day at the solar fest.
    Say hello to the crew, is my offer to come back still stand? I would love just to share my knowledge with the younger people that will be coming along the pathway.
    Be well, Greg God Bless!