Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Advanced Permaculture

A lot of energy has been swirling around The Farm ecovillage of late. Brainstorms leave showers of inspiration and aha moments strike like lightning. The cause of this inspirational weather?
We have an upcoming Ecovillage Design course, the second part of our Permaculture Design Certification process...and on top of that We are launching two new advanced permaculture design courses.
both courses are being produced in partnership with a wide array of amazing individuals and are covering some of the most pertinent topics, and offering some of the most amazing solutions for the world today.
Earthworks for water catchment, soil erosion and clear cut remediation offers us a hands on glimpse into how to create lush green forest out of a wasteland of desertification caused by clear cutting. For an idea about the impact of earthworks (keyline systems and swales) on a dry climte check out this video
Forest Gardening and old orchard remediation will give us a chance to delve into food forestry: a retirement plan for seven generations. Forest gardening and restoring orchards into productive multi yield oasis can provide food, fuel and fodder for a sustainable future. check out this video on one of the original temperate forest gardens
Financial Permaculture: crafting regenerative business is in the design phase, and is generating excitement as it proves to be the interesting intersection of cutting edge needs to ground capital into regenerative shared enterprise on a bioregional level. For more infor on the ideas and participants in this design check out Solari, Center for Holistic Ecology, and Gaia University
All three of these courses are sending a spark of hope and creativity up my spine as I work hard to research and organizing the things that will be needed to provide education that is grounded in action learning (learning by doing).
It looks like its going to be an amazing summer and outstanding fall....MORE TO COME!

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