Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Building Flurry

As the weather roller coasters its way to winter, Cliff and the apprentices take this last chance to get some natural building in. A few days ago, the apprentices tackled the exterior of one of our two hippitats, one roomed round buildings designed to be sleeping spaces for one person or a couple. One of the hippitats already plays home to apprentice Jason, but the other still needs some love (and a floor) before it's habitable...or should I say hippitable?

Here's a quick video of the crew preparing and applying an even coat of plaster to the crumbling, mix-match exterior of the beautiful little building. Once that's dry, they plan on adding one last tinted layer, probably in a rich orange or burnt umber.


  1. That was good, Merry! Thanks! I just love the stuff you put up! My spirit connects!

  2. Hello Merry~
    Thank you for sharing~
    I wanted to also thank you for the Willa Cather quote. I am inspired from you and your friends~
    Alli D from

  3. Thank you two for your comments. I'm glad we're producing things that speak to you!