Friday, September 5, 2008

Permi news from the RNC (Update)

This is a quick update about our friends on the Permibus...We are glad they are free and clear of trouble and ready to start teaching and sharing again.
Thanks to Starhawk for the update:

UPDATE: The PermiBus is free, and parked right outside! It was released by the city. Our folks had to pay towing, but did not have to pay the impound charges. Today they are going over the bus carefully, as it received some damage either from the towing or during the illegal searches. Believe me when I say they are carefully checking all systems, and will get everything fully repaired before setting off on the road.

A note of irony—one of the most bizarre items listed on the search warrants used in the raids was ‘buckets of urine and human wastes’, presumably to be used for nefarious purposes. The PermiBus, of course, has a composting toilet aboard. So Stan had to explain to at least one reporter all about humanure. The reporter downloaded The Humanure Handbook and then faxed it to the city attorney. So at least someone in city administration is getting educated!

Thanks for all the support from so many different people and communities. All the calls and public pressure were tremendously effective. Many, many thanks to those of you who donated money. We will have funds left over when the fees and repairs are paid, and they will be used to further the work of the bus. The Wilsons receive no salary or stipend for the work and trainings that they do. They sustain themselves on donations—so sometimes it’s feast, sometimes famine. (Frankly, they all seem to have lost weight since I saw them last, except for the dogs and the chickens, who are plump as ever.) Now they will have money for gas, food, and possibly even some improvements to the bus. And, of course, some money to set in motion a lawsuit which will hopefully deter the authorities from making this sort of thing a habit. Many people have also contacted them and volunteered to organize trainings and a visit to their area. If you’d like the bus to come to your town, the Wilsons can be reached at: If you are interested in permaculture, check out our website at

Rain was arrested last night, along with three hundred other people, at the end of the antiwar march, and is scheduled to be in court today. Our other folks from the Pagan Cluster are all out of jail, and doing fine. Again, many many thanks for your calls and support. More may be needed as the struggle moves into the courts.

I’ll write about the last day, but probably not until tomorrow when with luck, I’ll be home. All my other updates are available on my website,

Thanks! Starhawk

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