Monday, June 9, 2008

Living Well in the Age Of Global Weirding

With all the news of food shortages, peak oil and climate change swirling around the media...the question begins to form: how can we survive all the craziness?

Well this weekend in Hohenwald Tennessee at he Second Annual Sonnenchien Green Power Festival, we got a sneak peak on how to survive, and indeed live well in this age of global weirding. (for a quick discussion on the scene in Hohenwald this weekend check out my personal blog

Three keynote speakers with radically simple and practical solutions gave us their expertise on how to weave together the possibilities to create localized, decentralized, resilient and sustainable communities. Albert Bates, David Blume and Catherine Fitts gave three distinct angles on how to empower communities to self organize to create sustainable solutions.
The topics covered really spanned the range from economic development, to energy and food security and community decision making and democracy.

Albert gave a talk on Transition Towns a system for self organized solution oriented change to prepare for energy decent in a post-petroleum world. Albert Explores these ideas in his latest book: The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook with humor and zest.

David spoke about the truth about the food vs fuel myth being bounced around, pointing out that food is a natural by=product of a well designed energy farm. His book Alcohol Can Be A Gas provides a detailed description on how to create small decentralized energy farms to power our communities and generate food and healthy ecosystems.

Catherine Fitts gave us a wake up call about the nature of our economy and the siphoning of capital out of local communities and into the hands of large transnational corporations. This pattern is one of the keys to re-localizing and re-democratizing our lives...she offers advice on how to invest in sustainable and ethical ventures and navigate the falling doller at

The combination of these three powerful ideas and speakers is a detailed map that can empower any community to chart a course towards sustainability and local health and well being.

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