Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Natural Building

what a whirlwind it was. The April Natural Building workshop was such a success and covered so much ground, I am just now starting to come back into my daily routine. We had 25 people show up from all over the country to learn various styles of Natural Building. In three days we covered Cob, Strawbale, Earthbags, stone/masonry, adobe, Zacacilla, Waddle and Daub, Earthen Floors, Thatch and Timber Frame. Most of those involved hands on activities to help illustrate technique and use of materials.
It was quite a show...and to top it all off MTV was here to film for their upcoming documentary: True Life I am moving off the grid.

It was amazing to see how we all came together as a community to help cook, clean, prep, teach, and pitch in with all the tasks associated with hosting a large group.

Go Team!

The highlight of the whole crazy weekend was dancing and stomping as we cobbed the strawbale cabin.
Lead by our dear friend Biko and Cliff of the ETC along with Jessi and course participants a stellar rhythm section provided us with music to move our feet, bodies and souls as we learned and built together...it does not get much better than that.

Learning to build: Biko drums as we stomp our souls down into the cob (and look at the camera in the corner! ;)

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